Blog 03.08.2020

Seasonal workers in 2020 – outsourcing in agriculture and beyond

For many companies the summer season is a time of extra challenges. This is the case in industries that have an increased number of orders during the summer season or a much greater demand for services. Examples of such sectors include agriculture, the food industry and the hotel industry. This year the coronavirus pandemic is also effecting business outside the summer season. Employers have to face much bigger problems than last year.

Organisation of work during the holiday season

Proper organisation of work is very important all year round. Especially in the holiday season. At this time, the employer needs to organise work skilfully and precisely. Bad work management leads to problems with clients and to conflicts within the company.

Every employer should avail of seasonal workers. Seasonal workers are employed by the company for the holiday period. Most often they are employed on the basis of a specific work contract or a commission contract. Most seasonal workers find work in horticulture or agriculture. This is the most popular seasonal industry, in which it is not worth employing permanent staff throughout the year.

This year it is especially difficult to get seasonal workers. This is due to the fear of COVID-19 transmission. Such concerns seem obvious, but work and earnings are still needed. Therefore, employers should guarantee safe conditions for their seasonal workers. In addition to ensuring social distance, disinfection and providing personal protective equipment, seasonal workers should be guaranteed quarantine (if necessary) on the farm. The employer should arrange for isolated rooms in which seasonal workers can be quarantined if necessary.

How to find seasonal work?

This year seasonal workers will not have any problem finding a temporary job. Just look through adverts published by smaller local companies or limited liability companies. You will surely find something interesting.

This year it is rather difficult for employers to find seasonal workers. Working in agriculture, horticulture or hotels is very demanding and physically difficult. Plus there is the coronavirus pandemic. So this year employers have a “hard nut to crack”.

In which professions does outsourcing work?

Employee Outsourcing works well in professions such as: hotel worker, farmer, gardener or salesman. However, outsourcing does not take place only in the summer. Outsourcing is a broad concept that we can define as transferring or delegating part of responsibilities. Outsourced tasks very often include: IT support, accounting services, HR services, marketing services, database creation, recruitment and employee training.

Employers like to hire seasonal workers because of their fresh approach, enthusiasm for work and willingness to prove themselves. Such employees are great assets for employers. If you are looking for outsourced staff, write to us.

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