Do you have to face the dynamic development of your company?

Do you have increased staffing needs? Take advantage of the outsourcing of employees from abroad. Reduce and optimise costs through flexible access to modern and highly efficient Human Resources solutions.

01. Who are we and what do we do?

We represent companies that provide modern human resources management services.

Thanks to a wide base of specialists and experienced foreign workers we serve numerous companies in Poland and in the EU. We cooperate with experienced companies that guarantee constant access to effective and customized HR solutions. 

Our offer also includes legal advice and service on all formal issues. This enables us to support your key business processes.

02. Clients

Who is the recipient of our services?

Dynamically developing companies and single investment projects that are struggling with problems of fast and flexible access to human resources. We have a wide and diverse range of services that enable us to respond to individual human resources needs in each industry.

Automotive industry workers

Wood processing workers

Manual workers

Skilled manual workers

Construction workers

C+E drivers

Farm workers

Food industry workers

IT Staff

Physical work


Waste recycling



What are the benefits
of working with us?

Outsourcing pracowników brak dodatkowych kosztów

No additional costs associated with having extensive HR and accounting structures in your company

Outsourcing pracowników uproszczenie

Simplify and streamline the process of management, recruitment, selection and introduction to work.

Outsourcing pracowników zwiększona wydajność

Increase efficiency and flexibility by saving time and resources.

Outsourcing pracowników stabilność procesów

Stability and continuity of processes, resulting from the guarantee of availability of our services and their reliable implementation.

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