01. Offer

Conquro is a comprehensive
business partner that will respond
to your company's HR needs.

02. What do you get?

The benefits of working
with Conquro:

brak kosztów kadrowo księgowych

No costs and personnel and accounting activities. All administrative and legal formalities are provided by Conquro.

zwiększenie wydajności i elastyczności

Increase efficiency and flexibility by saving time and resources.

zapewnienie ciągłości procesów

Ensuring process continuity – guaranteeing the availability of services and providing complementary solutions.

usprawnienie procesu zarządzania

Simplify and streamline the process of management, recruitment, selection and introduction to work.

optymalizacja procesów

Optimization of personnel processes in the company. No need to keep personal records.

poprawa jakości i efektywności

Improvement of the quality and effectiveness of implemented activities and services.

03. Why is it worth it?

What you gain from outsourcing:

Traditional employment


Pay slip for staff

No need for individual settlements and accounting for each employee, in particular no need to settle individual elements of salaries, such as:
– overtime
– vacations
– sick leave
– delegations

The salary is settled on the basis of a protocol, once a month. It is the product of the individually negotiated rate for a particular service and the number of services provided.

Term of the employment

In accordance with the signed agreement and the Labour Law regulations, the necessity to maintain a given job position throughout the year, regardless of the seasonality of business.

Quick and flexible increase of the company’s staffing levels, thanks to the use of additional external personnel in periods of increased company demand.

Cost of personnel and accounting services and legal formalities

The Employer is responsible for personnel and accounting activities, as well as for the legalisation of foreigners’ stay and work.

The Outsourcing company is responsible for personnel and accounting activities, as well as for the legalisation of foreigners’ stay and work.

Recruiting of new personnel

The need to create a job for the recruiter or to engage staff assigned to other tasks and bear the cost of their training. There is no guarantee of the effectiveness of obtaining an employee, and if the employee resigns from work, the process has to be rolled over again.

A specialized HR department quickly and effectively searches for qualified personnel whose qualifications and skills meet individual customer requirements. The cost of looking for staff, including replacements, is borne by the outsourcing company.

Medical check-out

On the Employer’s side

On the Outsourcing company’s side

Initial training in occupational health and safety

At the Employer’s cost

At the Outsourcing company’s cost

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