01. Industries

We are currently recruiting employees
with the following competencies:

Physical work

Are you looking for employees from Ukraine to do jobs which do not require specialised qualifications or are you interested in finding employees you can train? We will provide your company with staff for jobs such as:
  • operating the production line
  • warehouse and logistics centre operatives
  • packing
Get in touch with Conquro and hire staff to perform simple unskilled work.


We will provide your company with experienced specialists who will significantly improve your company's performance. We can offer you services of e.g. fitters and electricians, welders, forklift and CNC machine operators, bricklayers, plasterers, roofers, painters, as well as cleaning crews and general construction and finishing workers. We also have experience in recruiting specialists from the textile, footwear, furniture and window industry.

Waste recycling

We help find staff for companies operating in the recycling and environmental industry. We offer services of staff delegated to waste sorting, experienced sorters, as well as personnel working with agricultural and construction machinery. We also have specialists working as operators of agricultural and construction machinery. Trust Conquro and see how to effectively save your company time and money!
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04. Become our partner

Become our partner

Are you an experienced sales representative who knows how to communicate with people and easily establish business relationships? Do you already have a portfolio of contacts in companies from many different industries, e.g.: construction, manufacturing, trade, warehouses and many others?

This is you we’re looking for!

Become our partner and increase your income.