01. Industries

We are currently recruiting employees
with the following competencies:

Automotive industry workers

The automotive industry is undoubtedly one of the most rapidly growing production sectors in Poland. Every job stoppage in this field is associated with gigantic financial losses, which is why the outsourcing of automotive employees is an important way of maintaining employment continuity and filling individual jobs. For the automotive industry, we most often recruit for the positions of CNC operator and quality controller, dealing with visual quality control of automotive parts and components and a range of activities related to supporting the production process.

Wood processing workers

Are you looking for sawmill workers? Or do you manufacture furniture, doors or windows? We outsource employees for companies growing in the lumber, furniture, window and door joinery industry. We recruit for positions such as:
  • Sawmill worker.
  • Sawmill machine operator.
  • Timber transport vehicle operator.
  • Wooden window and door factory worker.
  • Furniture factory worker.
The candidates we hire are qualified and experienced in operating woodworking machinery and equipment. Check out our offer for outsourcing of woodworking employees.

Manual workers

The demand for manual work is constantly growing, so manual workers are one of the most frequently recruited occupational groups in the labour market. Is your company carrying out tedious and costly recruitments and still facing staff shortages that are blocking the company's growth? Choose beneficial outsourcing of blue-collar workers. We recruit blue-collar workers for positions with a wide range of responsibilities depending on the client's industry and industry specifics. Among our candidates for blue-collar workers you will find - packers, production workers, warehouse workers (storers) and workers in the recycling industry (waste sorters).

Skilled manual workers

For many years, manual workers with specialist qualifications have been one of the most sought-after occupational groups. In our candidate pool, clients can find employees for desirable professions, such as::
  • Welders and metalworkers.
  • Fitters of various types (assembly: solar panels, scaffolding, furniture, machinery and mechanical equipment, electronic systems, wiring, among others).
  • Operators operating vehicles (forklifts, cranes) and machinery (hydraulic press, punching machine).
  • These are skilled manual workers, proficient in their field. They are individuals who have the relevant education, qualifications, courses and certificates, and have the professional experience to guarantee the quality of their work.

    Construction workers

    It goes without saying that experienced construction workers with the right range of professional skills are a guarantee of the highest quality of service. Are you looking for support in finding professionals, but at the same time do not want to deal with recruitment and all stages of employment? We provide our clients with easy and simple access to construction workers with specialisations such as bricklayer, roofer, carpenter, electrician or tiler. The construction workers we recruit have the relevant vocational training with a construction profile and a medical certificate attesting to their good health. They have acquired the required experience in handling specialised tools and the necessary knowledge of the tasks and services performed.

    C+E drivers

    Do you own a transport company and want to reduce staff costs? If your company is short of C+E drivers, use our database of candidates. We offer our clients the outsourcing of such drivers as:
  • C+E drivers with the relevant authorisations to drive motor vehicles, such as trucks, tractor units with trailers or semi-trailers.
  • Drivers with current psychological and medical examinations, driver's card, certificate of professional qualification..
  • Employees who are available - ready for frequent and longer trips.
  • Employees who are available - ready for frequent and longer trips.

    Farm workers

    Do you own a poultry, livestock or pig farm and are looking for labour candidates? We know that you cannot afford any downtime in the continuity of your work, so outsourcing your employees will be a good solution for you. We are in the business of assembling the right staff for positions such as poultry shed workers, barn workers or pig house workers. We know that you need employees who can reliably perform their duties related to the daily care of the animals on the farm. As a result, you no longer have to worry about staff holidays, as we quickly find suitable replacements in the event of staff shortages.

    Food industry workers

    Looking for employees in the food industry? The right staff is a key link in the entire production cycle. We provide our customers with qualified employees who will fulfil the assigned tasks at each stage of production. We offer outsourcing of employees for the food industry for positions such as meat processing workers or fish processing workers, among others. Work in food processing, especially meat and fish processing, requires employees with the right competences, predispositions, absolute compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements and all procedures. Ask about your offer to outsource food processing workers.

    IT Staff

    Are you looking for IT staff at various levels? Our candidates include IT professionals at various levels. Our clients most often need and easily find with us:
  • Programmers, specialising in web and form development, i.e. Frontend Developers.
  • Programmers proficient in application development and code optimisation in languages such as JavaScipt, Java, C+, Python or .net.
  • DevOps Engineers, combining knowledge of programming and infrastructure administration, who efficiently manage projects during development and after implementation.
  • Physical work

    Are you looking for employees from Ukraine to do jobs which do not require specialised qualifications or are you interested in finding employees you can train? We will provide your company with staff for jobs such as:
    • operating the production line
    • warehouse and logistics centre operatives
    • packing
    Get in touch with Conquro and hire staff to perform simple unskilled work.


    We will provide your company with experienced specialists who will significantly improve your company's performance. We can offer you services of e.g. fitters and electricians, welders, forklift and CNC machine operators, bricklayers, plasterers, roofers, painters, as well as cleaning crews and general construction and finishing workers. We also have experience in recruiting specialists from the textile, footwear, furniture and window industry.

    Waste recycling

    We help find staff for companies operating in the recycling and environmental industry. We offer services of staff delegated to waste sorting, experienced sorters, as well as personnel working with agricultural and construction machinery. We also have specialists working as operators of agricultural and construction machinery. Trust Conquro and see how to effectively save your company time and money!
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