Blog 03.11.2023

How do you bite on a career change?

The need to change careers is not only inherent in a time governed by a pandemic. The last few decades have shown that it is not always possible to find a job that is compatible with one’s field of study and many people have had to find a kind of flexibility in order not to perish in the free labour market. How do you find yourself in a situation where it is not the job that is looking for the man, but the man for the job?

Change of occupation during a change in the economic situation

Fresh graduates do not remember the times when capitalism began to rule the Polish labour market. However, the generation of people who are now of retirement or pre-retirement age has certainly not forgotten how much the labour market changed with the change of regime and the overthrow of communism. Warm jobs often had to be exchanged for new ones, which were not always in line with current skills, and the need for constant improvement and flexibility when looking for a job stayed with us for many years.

The employer market held out for quite a long time, until things started to change in favour of employees at the beginning of the 21st century. It became apparent that it was up to the entrepreneur to make an effort to retain valuable human resources in his company. All kinds of non-wage bonuses, such as team-building trips and meetings, private medical care or access to sports and cultural passes, quickly became popular. Suddenly, it was employees who began to dictate terms and conditions and, in addition to remuneration adequate to their competences, they began to expect more from their employers than just a salary and possible bonuses.

Employee or employer market

The sometimes exorbitant expectations of employees and the difficulty in recruiting them have led, among other things, to an increased interest in a new form of employing people to work with the help of a service such as employee outsourcing. It has turned out that the new solution has been very well accepted in domestic conditions, facilitating a number of formal issues for entrepreneurs. Here, the need for endless and expensive recruitment processes has disappeared, not to mention the trivially simple outsourcing of employees from Ukraine and other countries. A simple contract, favourable terms of cooperation and a whole lot of complicated procedures fell off the companies’ heads, in favour of the agency.

Employee outsourcing not only for employers

The range of benefits that outsourcing brings to companies is usually considered. However, the time of crisis caused by the pandemic makes it necessary to look at this form of employment also through the eye of the employee. More and more companies are going bankrupt, many people have lost their jobs and find it difficult to find new ones. Like a boomerang, the need for retraining, acquiring new competences and changing careers sometimes reappears – just as it did many years ago. Now, however, the outsourcing of employees can become a kind of fallback or plan B for many people, necessary to make money here and now.

Cooperation with an outsourcing agency

Employee outsourcing recommends the conclusion of a contract between three parties: the employee, the agency and the entrepreneur. The outsourcing agency plays the role of the actual employer. It is to this agency that it is worth submitting your application in order to have a chance of finding a new job quickly. This may involve a career change, but it does not have to, as companies are looking for employees for both manual and specialist positions. Outsourcing can therefore be a way for many people to cope with the difficult times of the pandemic crisis and it is certainly worth considering this form of job search.

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