Blog 21.09.2020

The era of coronavirus – how to hire employees with the help of an agency?

Hiring employees in the era of coronavirus is not so easy. Although there shouldn’t be a shortage of people willing to work because the economic downturn has deprived many people of their jobs, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decide to create a new job.

Temporary work

A permanent work contract in uncertain times? It might be difficult. Too many uncertainties stand in the way of planning every company’s activities. Many companies have found out how difficult it is to make up for the effects of the lockdown, as despite the lack of income they had to maintain and pay staff. Of course, commission contracts instead of contracts of employment offer a certain solution, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t have a good effect on employee engagement. A sense of temporariness does not support loyalty and identification with the company. On the contrary, it can make new employees flee to another job before the end of the contract. No reasonable employer can afford such a risk either, so solutions should be sought elsewhere.

Reasonable management

Many companies no longer need to be convinced about the multiple benefits of employee outsourcing. We are not talking about temporary employment agencies, but about outsourcing agencies, whose role is to provide employees for a given job. Obviously each company is different and tailor-made services have been offered for years, but this is particularly important for both (or even three) parties in case of outsourcing cooperation. There’s not one uniform service for everyone. Companies interested in cooperation are encouraged to contact the outsourcing agency in order to determine their specific needs and scope of cooperation. During the talks, the scope of expected professional predispositions and competences of the candidates is determined, as well as the potential period of the contract, so that cooperation at further stages can be carried out without any problems. 

In which industries does outsourcing work?

Employee outsourcing will work well in many industries and at various levels. We particularly recommend it in the catering and hotel industry, but also in the field of new technologies, specialised services and non-qualified works. What is important is that when working with Conquro, it is possible to find great employees not only from Poland, but also from Ukraine and Asia. In the case of foreign employees, there are even more benefits because the employer is bypassing the complicated official procedures related to employing foreigners. The agency takes care of all the formalities. The company, in turn, gets the employee it needs without having to worry about anything else.

Pure benefits

The list of benefits of cooperation with an outsourcing agency is long. First of all, you can gain a good employee without having to hire them on a contract, you avoid a whole lot of paperwork, you don’t waste time and money on unsuccessful recruitment and you don’t risk being left with a mountain of costs in case of further pandemic restrictions.

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