Blog 30.03.2020

Where do staff shortages come from and how to deal with it?

From day to day we get more and more information, that staff shortage still growing up. There are no people to work, employers think how to deal with such a situation, and employees are checking offers. It’s the time of employee marketplace, which became demanding and fussy. Where do staff shortages come from and how to deal with it? Enjoy your reading.

Too less qualified employees – there is shortage of labor

It turns out, that we have less and less qualified employees on the marketplace. On the one hand, young people are getting the working age – in age 18-29 it is the most effective employees group. On the other hand child-support benefit discourage part of this group. Young people, have ensured benefits, and their calculations give them a fact that working  tenure is completely unprofitable.

What about elders?

Second factor, which significantly affected on reduction of amount qualified and experienced employees on the marketplace is reduction of retirement age and lack of politics back up for elders. Fear of lack of vacancy and loosing social benefits, which have ensured because of job, even on the worst time job, and also short information in job offers: “work in young team”, efficiently discourage. Only about 56% of people above 50 years old, optimistically rate their chances to get such a good or even better job.

Dangerous minds and independent

The shortage of staff was also influenced by the increase in job opportunities for freelancers who work remotely under civil law contracts or set up their own single-member business activity. More and more young people want to be on their own. They can work from anywhere in the world, travel, raise children and work at any time. Also trips to work abroad are extremely tempting for the most effective and educated group of potential employees.

How to deal with staff shortages fulfill?

One of the solution is looking for qualified employees abroad. Employers do not have to do by themselves, recruitment agency watch over the whole process and to all formalities. It is worth to trust people, who are professionals in this field. Outsourcing service is one of the most effective way how to get the best candidates to work in each sector.

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