Blog 19.09.2020

Is it worth hiring during the pandemic?

Many entrepreneurs are now asking themselves this question, and many still have concerns about hiring new employees. All this is due to the uncertain economic situation not only in Poland, but also worldwide, as well as the unpleasant experiences of entrepreneurs during the spring economic freeze, when many companies could not earn money.

Here we go again

The spring lockdown is still affecting many entrepreneurs. Some have already managed to make up for their losses and save their business, but for many, operating during the epidemic is still not easy. Although the anti-crisis shield has helped many employers to keep their staff, not everyone has managed to do without redundancies. Currently, the labour market in Poland seems to be going back to hiring, even for previously closed positions, but the bosses are still careful about signing new contracts of employment, fearing further restrictions in business due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Employee without employment

It proved impossible for many companies to keep their staff while some sectors were frozen in March and April. No wonder, then, that caution remains the first priority when planning business activity. However, it is impossible to prosper effectively without employees. It would also seem that it is not possible to obtain employees legally without employing them on a full-time or commission contract basis. And yet there is an option! It is employee outsourcing, which seems to be a great idea for uncertain times.

It is a solution that will help you safely plan your company’s operations over a longer period of time, in a way that minimizes costs while increasing profits and developing your business. In some industries outsourcing is an even better solution than hiring full-time employees, not only in times of the pandemic.

What is employee outsourcing?

Outsourcing of employees is nothing more than getting employees to work for you through cooperation with an outsourcing agency. The agency takes care of recruitment, all the formalities related to recruitment, as well as of ensuring continuity of work in the given position. What is most important – it is not the employer in this case that employs the employee, but the outsourcing agency. For an entrepreneur this certainly means less risk, and also less cost. They do not have to worry about costly recruitment processes, they can relieve their HR department of tasks related to acquiring and hiring new employees, and at the same time they are not burdened with a number of obligations imposed on it by the Labour Code. In the case of such a cooperation, they no longer have to think about employee holidays, overtime, medical examinations or health and safety training.

The terms and conditions of cooperation between the entrepreneur and the outsourcing agency are always individually established in order to fully adapt the terms of employee outsourcing to the current situation of the company. That is why it is necessary to talk to an advisor in order to determine the appropriate scope of activities and the time of their implementation. The next step will be just counting the benefits of the established cooperation.

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