Blog 28.04.2020

Do the offer, remote work and outsourcing are the future of our businesses?

It seems to be, that the time of staunch and conservative businesses, in which there are not place for appropriate adapting to the situation and finding new solutions are coming to an end. Challenges, which stand by companies, are related on thorough analysis of consumer’s needs and matching to the modern technology. Remote work and extension company’s offer with remote services, is decision about outsourcing of some tasks may decide about company’s fate? Especially during crisis.

Necessity is the godmother of business

Absolute basic to survive on the marketplace in this hard times, is adjustment offer, to satisfy customer needs. It is worth adding, that offered services or products the solutions are getting with the times. Analysis of rivals and looking for blue ocean seems to be absolute necessary, to not to fall into trap of competing in prices. Nowadays the most important is a good idea and way of delivering services.

Business of future

Introduction of online services is necessary, but it is also a challenge for entrepreneurs, who want to get with the times and protect its business against crisis. Why should we transfer a part of services to the network?

First of all– In this way you may get passive profit, especially in service sector, where courses  have a significant role. It is referred to briefing, e-books, and more and more popular applications.

Secondly, it can be done in any place and time. Employees, who work online with the clients, they can do their job even at home. Thanks to tools like, Google documents, programs and applications as Trello, Slack, Asana, Zoom, or Skype, it is possible managing of projects, sending data and also conducting remote conferences, group online gathers or consultation with clients.

Thirdly, you can reduce costs of running business and reduce charges for course room, arrivals and delegations.

Outsourcing challenges

It is obvious ,that we are not able to do everything by ourselves. Employees usually do not have appropriate knowledge, to deal with remote work. There come with help outsourcing and commissioning tasks to external companies, or temporary employment of employees for specified tasks, which demanding specialistic knowledge, as performing online shop, training for employees, or help in building marketing plan for online marketing.

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