Blog 18.02.2020

How to develop company and leave opponents behind?

This question is asked every time by entrepreneurs and managers. Development of the company inseparably is connected with building a team and increasing amount of employees. Income statement not always is satisfactory. How to deal with it? This and other questions we will answer in our new blog, dedicated to outsourcing. Let’s look closer on amount of advantages, which will satisfy the most demanding bosses.

Welcome to our blog about outsourcing

Outsourcing greatly caught on in our world for many years and enjoy recognition of many employers. In Poland has also its supporters, who found out, that it is much more convenient – furthermore, much more beneficial – to make use of CONQURO services. Those benefits and solutions are not well known to each entrepreneur, that’s why we decided to explain this well known by us topic. We decided, that on our website we are not putting only services, which we may do for you. We want also to help you to make good business and personnel choices.

How can we help you?

In our blog you will find detailed explanation of different types of cooperation with CONQURO, but what is important, we will keep up to date new HR’s trends for you, point up the best solutions, give a tip how to build up effective personnel and motivate them to work, and also we will say in what way we find new employees and specialists in their own field. We want, that our inscriptions answer on your present questions and doubts, that’s why with pleasure we will get to know what issues are interested for you and what you want to read about.

Good employee is very precious

Talking with employers increasingly it can be heard, that it is very difficult to find good staff. The issues are many:

  • Too high salary expectation of candidates, which are not comparable with experience,
  • Lack of staffs responsibility of their own work and commitment,
  • Small amount of specialists eager to work in some sectors,
  • Ineffective and expensive in the same time recruitment processes, on which you or your HR section will lose energy,
  • Growing employment cost.

Looks similarly in your company? 

Imagine, that we take on most of this issues, and you can only benefit from our work.

How to find good employee?

It turns out that the labour market is going through the revolution. Only a few years ago, the conditions for employers were dictating. Today, the situation seems to be completely the opposite. You need to put a lot of time and money into the recruitment process, but we cannot be sure of result. What if the hired person turns out inappropriate? All recruitment begins one more time, not to mention the formal issues related to hiring a new employee, and later with the termination of this cooperation. We hope, that we will encourage you, that outsourcing is a great solution, which minimalism costs and time, and in the same time increase chances to find appropriate specialists and unqualified staff.


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