Blog 16.04.2020

How to create perfect conditions for remote work?

Situation associated with coronavirus requires from the entrepreneurs significant organization changes. Big amount of people in one place is really risky. That’s why there, where it is possible, organize remote work. What to do, that such decision should bring expected effect.

Simple and clear rules.

Performance of official duties outside the place of residence while performing on clearly defined rules. Keep in mind, that employee in formal terms is still in work and bears full responsibility for given by superior duties. And employer must provide necessary tools to work in safety conditions. It would be good if we inform employee about occupational safety and health rules. It is worth to point up, that many courses might be done online.  Relationship based on self-trust and conscientious action for enterprise development are the aspects, which help both side to regain peace in this difficult situation.

Employee’s comfort

Before commissing of remote work, ask employee, whether resident’s conditions allow him for effective work. Persons, who perform such a duties in home use computers and mobile phones. We have to necessarily provide them business equipment. In private devices there shouldn’t be kept any clients data or documents covered by business secrecy. To ensure such effects, it is worth to be open to any suggestions and employee’s needs.

A few of regulations

When commissing remote work may appear some doubts. Nothing unusual, because many entrepreneurs struggling with it for the first time. We have to keep in mind, that employee cannot refuse to perform his duties beyond workplace, as far as it does not violate contract of employment or law.  The  order of remote work can be issued in any form (e.g. verbally, by e-mail or post).

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