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The second wave of coronavirus and workers. Check how to prepare your company with the help of employee outsourcing

The world has not yet managed to deal with the first wave of coronavirus, and there is already talk of the second wave. It is to come in the autumn, along with the cold and flu, diseases typical of this time of year. The Minister of Health and experts warn us that this time the coronavirus may turn out to be even more dangerous than before. Businesses will be particularly affected by the increase in Covid-19 infections and other infectious diseases. Exclusion of part of staff from work will mean company downtime and a decrease in turnover. So how to prepare your business for the second wave of Covid-19? Is employee outsourcing a good solution?

The labour market and the second wave of the epidemic

According to information provided by the Minister of Health, the second wave of the epidemic is expected to come in the autumn. Members of the society should take all precautions to protect not only themselves but also others. Human health is a priority, but the financial consequences of the pandemic should also be considered. The first wave of Covid-19 showed how human health affects the labour market. Mass-scale infections in large plants led to a slowdown in work and smaller companies were forced to close down. Not only businessmen, but above all ordinary employees were affected. For many of them losing their jobs overnight caused huge stress and difficulties with maintaining their home, supporting their family and fulfilling financial commitments. The experience with the sudden outbreak of the epidemic prepared the labour market for the arrival of the second wave. Both employees and employers have started looking for alternative sources of employment. A good solution turned out to be employee outsourcing, which can play a key role in the labour market during the next avalanche of infections. Large companies and corporations have been using this method of employment for many years, while smaller ones have either not heard of it at all or may have been afraid to use it.

What is employee outsourcing?

Employee outsourcing is, in the simplest terms, “leasing” an employee. The service consists in outsourcing certain tasks and functions to an external employee. You can contact an employment agency to get help with outsourcing or just “hire” an employee from another company. The first method is the most popular and is used by most companies in Poland.

An employment agency, when receiving such an order, takes steps to find a suitable candidate for the position and carries out the entire recruitment process. For many companies, cooperation with an agency may turn out to be a great success. Often finding the perfect candidate by means of job advertisements can be tedious and difficult. An agency specialist selects personnel with the characteristics, education and skills strictly defined by the future employer. The search takes place on many platforms – through social networking sites, contact networks or by submitting job offers to staff employed by competitors. The agency also takes care of formal and legal issues relating to employment. Its task is to keep personnel and accounting records for the employee. The entrepreneur therefore saves not only money, but also time that would be required in the process of recruitment, employment of HR staff or establishment of an entire accounting and human resources department.

Prepare for the second wave

Employee Outsourcing not only takes care of a lot of paperwork for the employer, but also relieves the burden of ensuring compliance with many inconvenient provisions of the Labour Code. Employment in uncertain times involves considerable risks that not everyone wants to take. Therefore, it is worth looking for other solutions that will allow the company to operate normally on favourable terms. If you’re wondering how employee outsourcing could work in your company – ask about our service.

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