Blog 26.07.2020

Step by step employment of workers from Ukraine – green light for outsourcing of seasonal workers from Ukraine in times of pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has not only affected employees but also entrepreneurs. Many Polish companies rely on the employment of workers from Ukraine. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the pandemic has dramatically changed the labour market and employment opportunities for workers from outside the European Union. Crossing the border for the citizens of Ukraine became an insurmountable barrier and, as a result, the loss of some workers. Will the restrictions lifted after 1 July 2020 significantly improve the situation?

Employing an employee from Ukraine – step by step

The most important and first step of employing a Ukrainian citizen on the territory of Poland is to obtain a work permit or a declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner. The work permit can be obtained by submitting an application to the Voivode. Another solution is to fill in the declaration on entrusting work to a foreigner. The registration of the declaration is handled by the Poviat Employment Office. Most importantly, only a copy of the declaration should be left at the Labour Office. The original document should be kept by a Ukrainian citizen, because he will need it to issue a residence visa. On the first day of work, the employer is obliged to inform the Labor Office about taking up employment by a foreigner. If the employee does not show up at the place of work within 7 days from the expected start of work, this fact should also be reported to the office.

Employment during a pandemic

A state of pandemic in Poland was introduced on March 14th and since that date there have been changes in the possibility of work by an employee from Ukraine. They will not have to worry about their unexpected deployment in the country. Performing work during the pandemic is fully legal without obtaining work and residence permits.

If the work indicated in the statement comes to an end during the pandemic, the foreigner can perform it up to thirty days after the announcement of the end of the pandemic. Due to special circumstances, this employee does not need a work permit. The documentation submitted before the outbreak of the epidemic will give the possibility to perform work longer than the 6 months permitted earlier. However, it should be remembered that new permits and statements will be required after the pandemic is over, and their absence may result in criminal penalties imposed on the employer.

The new possibilities gave the green light for outsourcing of seasonal workers from Ukraine. Admittedly, by July 1 they had to go through a mandatory 14-day quarantine after crossing the Polish border, but after that date they no longer have to fear it. Due to the need for seasonal workers from Ukraine to work in Poland, the country’s authorities decided to lift the mandatory quarantine. Upon arrival in the country, the employee is obliged to submit an application for a temporary stay to the Provincial Labor Office. However, he can carry out the work immediately after the application is submitted without waiting for the application to be processed.

The changes introduced made it much easier for Ukrainian citizens to work. The benefits were also felt by Polish entrepreneurs, for whom foreigners are often the basic pillar of the company’s functioning. It is also worth remembering about the possibility of easier obtaining employees for work thanks to employee outsourcing. If you do not know how to hire an employee from Ukraine in this way and what benefits does outsourcing bring – ask!

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