Blog 29.07.2020

Employment agencies and employees from Ukraine

Year after year, more and more immigrants from Ukraine are looking for a place to start and a good job in Poland that will provide them with a living and a decent life. It turns out that as much as 60 percent of all immigrants are from Ukraine. They are a great answer to our problems with filling the staffing gaps and work, which Poles simply do not want to undertake. Employment by a job agency and outsourcing allows to minimize formalities.

Why is it worth betting on employees from Ukraine?

Nowadays Poles are very reluctant to take up some jobs. We do not want to work physically, hard and for little money. The minimum national salary, which is usually offered for this type of work is not enough for us. We prefer to go abroad and work on similar conditions for a few times higher salary. This is how the staffing gaps are created. In order to maintain the level of provided services and not to increase the offered rate for work, it is worth considering hiring employees from Ukraine, using the offer of employment agencies, which mediate in the whole process.

Ukrainians are very hardworking and meticulous, and also honest and open. The vast majority of Ukrainian employees declare their willingness to stay in Poland for good. Similar language and culture create a great opportunity for good, long-term cooperation. The vast majority speak Polish or learn it very quickly.

Employment and outsourcing agency as a way of formalities

Most people who want to hire workers from Ukraine are afraid of the formalities that need to be completed to do so. However, cooperation with an employment agency allows you to sleep peacefully and be sure that you have not overlooked any regulations. Professionals thoroughly check all the documents and help to get through the whole process of recruitment and employment of the right person. As an agency we take care of the whole process of mediation, which greatly facilitates the whole process of hiring and is convenient for both employees and employers. Formally, we are responsible for all the duties related to employment – you as an employer simply entrust your duties to an employee. Additionally, you can qualify the cost of employment as external costs, not labour costs.

Recruitment of employees from Ukraine at the highest level

Thanks to our extensive experience in employment intermediation, our services remain at the highest level. As an employment and outsourcing agency, we are constantly improving our knowledge of legal regulations, we also check the latest trends in the labor market and offer Ukrainian workers earnings adequate to their tasks. The professional knowledge of employment agencies has a huge impact on how your team will look like. It is extremely important for the recruited people to have the right qualifications and to fit easily into your team of employees. Therefore, we check all the skills at every angle, so that the employee selected by us meets your requirements.

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