Blog 21.08.2020

Employment models – are we moving away from traditional forms of employment?

The world is changing more and more every day. Access to the latest technologies, the ability to communicate remotely, not only by voice, but also through videoconferences, employment at the other end of the world – this is already the norm. Also the labour market in Poland is definitely undergoing a dynamic transformation. A full-time job is no longer such an obvious form of cooperation, and no one is surprised to see freelancers with laptops in cafés. 

Is a full-time job the only right career path?

It turns out that we are gradually moving away from the traditional employment model. A full-time job is by far one of the most time-consuming, emotionally demanding career paths, consuming the employee’s resources and often also significantly affecting their family; it is also becoming less and less profitable in financial terms. The strict provisions of the Labour Code, of course, still attract most educated young people at the beginning of their professional adventure. 

The provisions of the Labour Code protect the employee and require the employer to ensure certain working conditions, to comply with health and safety regulations, to fulfil the obligation to provide appropriate materials, machines, clothes, as well as to enable the employee to take a leave of absence, leave on demand, or to pay regular ZUS contributions, which enable the employee to take sick leave. However, they do not protect the employee from professional burnout, nor the employer from lazy employees who far too often take advantage of the privilege to go on sick leave. This model of employment, although still the most popular, affects both parties. Fortunately, everything is changing.

Own business – what next?

It is precisely because of growing frustration, lack of prospects, difficult paths to promotion, huge amount of work and low earnings that young and already experienced people more and more often decide to start their own business. 

However, the road to success is not always that simple. Building up a list of contacts sometimes takes years, and the profits are not as high as they may seem at first. Then outsourcing comes in. Cooperation with an outsourcing agency is a beneficial form of work for young entrepreneurs, which offers them an opportunity not to be employed on a traditional basis and their services are provided sold by the agency. 

What is outsourcing?

Companies are increasingly willing to use this employment model. They don’t recruit a team, they don’t hire traditional employees and they look for other ways to do business. One of them is hiring external companies to perform specific tasks that require specialist knowledge which the employees already employed in the company do not have. Thanks to cooperation with an outsourcing agency, they transfer the burden of selecting the right employees, as well as all the obligations resulting from the employment itself – research, contracts, payment of remuneration.

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