Blog 01.09.2020

Employing foreigners – is it a good idea?

Year after year, more and more foreigners come to Poland who not only want to visit our beautiful country, but also want to stay, live and work there for longer. Faces with slightly different features, different customs and culture no longer surprise us. We are also increasingly willing to employ foreigners. Is hiring foreigners in your company a good idea?

Changes in the labour market

It turns out that since Poland joined the European Union, new opportunities have opened up for us. Educated, young and ambitious Poles have decided to leave the country in large numbers to earn a living. We move to the west of Europe, to Germany, Spain or Great Britain, to find employment. No wonder – earnings in Western European countries are much higher than in Poland and even after deducting the cost of living and leading a decent life, there is something left to save – which is not always possible in case of earnings in Poland. With the increase in the number of Poles emigrating, the problem of staffing gaps has emerged. 

When there is no one to do the work

It was to a large extent the emigration of working-age Poles that contributed to the still growing wave of foreigners coming to Poland to work. Right now in many industries it is difficult to find workers who are Polish citizens. There are many jobs we do not want to take up. An increasing number of educated people want to work in their profession immediately after graduation – even as trainees – and although students are still eager to earn money by cleaning or doing physical labour, there is often a shortage of workers willing to do hard work, which foreigners are ready to do. 

We’re filling in staffing gaps

Thanks to the opening opportunities, more and more Ukrainians, Asians and Indians, as well as citizens of Armenia, Georgia and Turkey, find work in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Every year more and more foreigners apply for work permits. Foreign accents can already be heard in many shops, service points or warehouses. Learning the language comes very easy to our eastern neighbours. So you can feel confident entrusting work to foreigners. They are conscientious, sometimes they try harder than Poles, because they know very well that they can go far through recommendations. 

Working in Poland is a good start

Many foreigners start in Poland with seasonal work. It’s a good start and a way to adapt. Whereas employers are satisfied with their work. Mutual benefits encourage more and more people to work in Poland permanently. Poland is often just a stop on the road to western Europe, especially for Ukrainians. 

Formalities are not so bad

It turns out that the formalities necessary to employ foreigners are not as complicated as we may think. It is necessary to get a residence and work permit issued in the Republic of Poland and to draw up an appropriate agreement. It is worth taking advantage of the service of outsourcing agencies, which can help with all formalities and relieve you from many burdens related to the employment of foreigners.

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