Blog 06.04.2020

What employees are the most lacked on polish market?

In this hard time that we already live, many of you lost your job or have its really less because of COVID-19. Maybe simply you do not like your current job and you want to change it, but there wasn’t time to learn something new? The world slows down, therefore we have a little bit more time, so you can decide what you could do and you think what employee you could be?

Here’s a list on what profession in Poland is the highest demand

  1. Developers. It is pretty obvious, that the highest demand is on IT employees. If you think, that IT industry is not for you, read this article. Marketplace of developers still need available resources. Companies are still developing technologically. Developers are needed in more modern technologies, e.g. creating solutions based on artificial intelligence. Now almost every company needs developer’s support, for creating and operating web page. As the new researches show, that the biggest popularity is already in industry creating computer games, and artificial intelligence. In the internet there is a lot of good quality online courses, which teach programming basics. Maybe it’s the time to try something new? One of the most popular programming is Java, JavaScript, php, Python, Perl.
  2. Engineers of technological science: biotechnology, mechatronic. Unfortunately if you want to be engineer you have to finish major studies, so if you think what field of study you should choose, maybe this is the best option for you. Everything shows that trend related with technology already begin. World is changing, and companies unrelated with engineering need such a specialists.  We are accompanied more and more by modern technologies. Together with development of environment protection, pharmacology, or medicine there are lack of biotechnicians, but not only. We have even electro technological engineers shortage. Within last 8 years demand on such employees growing up to 35%.
  3. Crafting professions. Maybe you are handyman type? Handcraft professions. Poles more and more appreciate specialists and they started see shortage of: plumber, tiler, seamstress, welder. Everybody more often want to have job well done by real professional but not by first-served employees.
  4. Analysts. Companies processing more and more data, in order to such a processing data make sense, it’s necessary to keep it fine and be able to draw accurate conclusions. Having good analysts we may be more confident, that we succeed. Work related to analyze data and according to them make accurate conclusions. If you want to be analyst, you should increase your knowledge of economy’s, math’s and statistic’s field. As a curiosity I want to add, that Harvard Business Review named such a specialization as “the sexiest profession of XXI century”.
  5. Image specialists. Another profession is an industry, which build up image of company. Companies more and more emphasize  on building its image and to that matters, they hire marketing specialists. The most wanted in this industry is i.a.:

Employer branding managers, in a nutshell their job based on showing employer in the best light. Their aim is to built positive company’s image as a desirable employer i.e positive opinions among company’s employees or business partners.

Content managers are responsible for building company’s image for consumers. They deal with content and graphics creation to meet customer needs, e.g. Caring about social sources, creating articles, posts on blogs or commercial materials. Content managers does not have to be writers, they are rather responsible for better text’s positioning and their correctness.

To sum up:

As you can see we have lack of crafting and intellectual professions, and I think that each of us is able to find something which match to ours qualification. Of course there are many other professions, which willingly waiting for bigger amount of employees, but today I focused on this five. Are you curious of another five the most demanded professions in Poland?

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