Blog 09.06.2020

Inevitable changes in the labour market

I guess everyone’s tired of the crown-tempered. Everything revolves around this cursed epidemic and even business is beginning to resemble fortune-telling. Worse still, we are only at the beginning of a long road of economic change, which for many entrepreneurs and many employees will mean many professional changes. So what will the year 2020 look like on the Polish labour market?

Falls and redundancies

The pandemic and the associated restrictions have caused a stagnation in many sectors. There is a good chance that many entrepreneurs will not be able to maintain their businesses until individual sectors of the economy thaw out. Closed business means no income while maintaining fixed costs. Government aid is not enough for some companies to keep their employees in such a difficult economic situation, so redundancies become a sad necessity. In April alone, the number of unemployed increased by 58 thousand, and we must remember that the number of people registered with the PSA does not give us a complete picture of the situation. The fact is the first increase in the number of unemployed in Poland since 2013. We can only guess that soon it will not be better…

The employers’ market is back

Employees are demanding more and more new benefits, allowances, bonuses and development opportunities, offering less and less of themselves? The labour market, where employees dictate conditions, is history. Due to the economic crisis and the loss of jobs, job seekers will have to be less picky and accept the conditions proposed by the future employer. To be or not to be many companies will also involve belt-tightening at the expense of allowances that have so far been used to motivate employees. No one is now able to estimate how long we will be able to rebuild the economic losses, so it is also difficult to determine how long such a situation, in which it is the employers who deal the cards, will last.

Flexible employee

The employers’ market and the increase in unemployment is also a necessity, known to us from years ago, to be able to change the industry and be ready to learn a new profession. Many people will have to abandon their professional aspirations and modify their plans to find a decent job. For some people, changing professions will only be a step towards gaining new experience, and for others, it will be a bull’s eye and a job for years to come. Anyway, the labour market is changing completely and we can expect further revolutions.

A certain employee in uncertain times

Some industries operate without major changes, others face serious problems and redundancies. The government is working on new solutions to help them on an ad hoc basis, but especially now, at a time of great uncertainty and economic instability – employee outsourcing is worth considering. It is a solution which, on flexible terms, allows entrepreneurs to maintain the continuity of the company’s operations while reducing costs and unnecessary formalities. Thanks to employee outsourcing you will easily acquire employees when you need additional hands to work, and at the same time, in case of reduced demand, you will reduce their number in an easy way. If you do not know this solution yet, it is necessary to ask how it can look like in your company.

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