Blog 15.06.2020

Current labour market trends

The virus crown pandemic has paralysed many industries. However, there is no shortage of companies that are still operating and coping perfectly with the crisis. This is excellent news for job seekers. We are checking which professions are most desirable in the current situation.

Work for everyone?

Subsequent stages of de-freezing the economy have made it possible for the vast majority of companies to operate with proper safety standards. However, many companies are still struggling with huge problems. At the other end of the spectrum there are companies that need workers, regardless of the epidemic threat. As the e-commerce market develops, the demand for couriers, warehousemen, drivers and catering suppliers has increased. In the era of the pandemic, companies producing packaging are also doing very well. Customers have already managed to get used to this form of product distribution for several months and there are many indications that this trend will continue.

There is also no shortage of offers for production workers in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry. No wonder – sales of masks or disinfectants have increased many times. After considerable difficulties, hairdressers and beauticians are starting to work. The interest of customers will surely increase, and additional hands to work in the salon can be for the weight of gold. It is hard not to notice that many employers do not require higher education or many years of experience. This is certainly a chance to employ students and all those who are just taking their first steps on the labour market.

Specialists sought after!

The changes caused by the outbreak of the pandemic have not stopped the demand for specialists. Their knowledge and experience can bring invaluable benefits for the development of many companies. The best experts can count on attractive remuneration. The IT sector is developing at a very fast pace. Qualified programmers will certainly find employment. Many of them will take care of the preparation of technology to help organize remote work. On the market we will also find job offers for e-commerce sector analysts and people responsible for customer service in the network.

There is no doubt that the crown of the virus caused quite a turmoil in the budget of many companies. The services of experts from the financial sector are also very popular. The lack of work cannot be complained about by those to whom we owe most. Doctors, nurses or paramedics can successfully search for interesting job offers and at the same time enjoy great recognition in society.

A new reality?

The crown of the virus has caused great changes on the labour market. Although many people have lost their jobs, the current situation is encouraging. Entrepreneurs still offer many attractive offers. Not only drivers, warehousemen or couriers will find jobs, but also qualified specialists in many developing industries.

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