Blog 19.10.2020

Crisis occupation

It is difficult to make plans when everything around is changing so dynamically. Although the forecasts for occupations in high demand for 2020 were made in a different – pre-pandemic – reality, some trends are likely to be maintained.

Territorial diversity

If we were basing our conclusions on the research presented in the “Occupation Barometer” report (conducted by the Voivodeship Labour Office in Kraków at the request of the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy), then we would see a certain diversity in demand for individual occupations in different voivodeships. Nevertheless, several occupations in high demand are sought after across the country.

Among the expected professions to be in low supply in 2020 across Poland are nurses and midwives, cooks, electricians, electromechanics and electrical fitters, truck and tractor drivers, building installation fitters, earth-moving equipment operators and mechanics and welders.

In almost all voivodeships there is a deficit of: doctors, carpenters and construction carpenters, roofers and tinsmiths, bus drivers, tailors and clothing production workers, machine tool operators, bakers, construction workers, cobblers and locksmiths.

Other professions in low supply indicated in the forecast are: concrete workers and armourers, car tinsmiths and varnishers, physiotherapists and masseurs, hairdressers, warehousemen, car mechanics, bricklayers and plasterers, teachers of practical vocational training, teachers of vocational subjects, caretakers for elderly or disabled persons, accountants and bookkeepers, finishing workers in the construction industry, woodworkers and joiners and independent accountants.

Crisis-proof professions

It will not come as a surprise that in the nearest future we can expect a significant demand for medical professions, i.e. doctors, nurses and midwives. It is a significant fact that there was a shortage in these professions even before the pandemic. Given the current pandemic situation, it should be concluded that the medical rescue sector will also be looking for more staff.

We can assume that professions such as bus and truck drivers will continue to find work because, despite the crisis, public transport will have to function to ensure the operation of many areas of the industry and everyday life. It is likely that electricians, electromechanics and electrical fitters, welders and locksmiths will continue to be in constant demand as their work has a significant impact on the functioning of many industrial plants. We can still expect the demand for construction workers and professionals such as carpenters, roofers and paving workers. Finally, bakers and cooks should still be able to find a new job without a problem.

Current job offers

Research and forecasts are one thing, and real life is another. If we look at current job offers, we will also get a certain picture of labour market demand for particular occupations or market sectors. Most employers are looking to fill labour and sales positions, and these occupations should get through the pandemic crisis with most ease. Other areas that should be crisis-proof are customer service and engineering.

Due to numerous restrictions associated with the pandemic, we can also expect that many areas of everyday life will move online, so it is not surprising that there is a need for computer scientists and programmers. Economists are also still frequently sought after.

Outsourcing of employees

A good solution in times of crisis is also to get in touch with an outsourcing agency, which, by cooperating with numerous companies, is in demand for employees of many sought-after professions and can be a great answer to the stagnation in demand for some professions.

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