Blog 14.07.2020

Work in outsourcing? Check why it is worth it!

Every year more and more people decide to use the offer of outsourcing companies. The number of companies that decide to work in outsourcing is also gradually growing. The job market is changing very dynamically. Working on your own account is a decision which is beneficial on the one hand due to the freedom of action and the possibility to increase income, on the other hand it is risky because as a freelancer you will not always have orders and clients. Work in outsourcing seems to be the golden mean here.

Tired of the job – they chose freedom

More and more people are choosing to set up a business or company. The freedom of self-employment, the lack of a boss, corporate procedures and intrigues, rigid working hours and the freedom to work in a team that does not suit you – these are just some of the reasons why more and more people are moving away from the standard employment model. In addition, the lack of opportunities for well-deserved promotion, or the expansion of competences, which may be blocked by some employers, complements the bitterness. Well, not every company cares about the employee as much as it officially boasts about it.

Young, though already experienced, ambitious and eager for novelties freelancers are entering the market. How they will succeed depends largely on a good idea, a well thought-out marketing and sales campaign. Few beginner entrepreneurs think that apart from performing their tasks, they will have to sell their services or pay others for sales.

Striving for the desired stability

So it often turns out that self-employment can be overwhelming and full of issues that young entrepreneurs have not had contact with so far. An excellent form of indirect self-employment and ensuring the flow of orders is outsourcing. Young, qualified employees who want to work remotely for other companies on the principle of single – smaller or larger orders have a great opportunity to spread their wings. By working in outsourcing you not only gain freedom from longer commitments and being dependent on your boss, but you also have a chance to prove yourself working directly for the client. As in the case of running your own company completely independently – you have the opportunity to work for different companies, which brings incredible satisfaction. You get to know the culture of different organizations, expand your network and gain experience.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is nothing else but ordering certain tasks that are to be performed in a company to another external company, often through an outsourcing agency. Then the whole burden of recruitment, signing contracts and settlements with the person doing the work is on the agency’s side and the employee has a chance to get to know many different companies he works for. As you can see, such an arrangement brings a lot of benefits both to companies that use outsourcing and to entrepreneurs who decide to work in outsourcing on the win-win principle – so important in business.

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