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What is the difference between seasonal and temporary work?

From year to year the popularity of forms of employment for short periods is growing. It turns out that many people think that seasonal work, temporary work and casual work are basically synonymous. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have many common denominators, but their formula differs significantly. They have one thing in common – a person who takes up work wants to take up legal employment for a short time.

Working for a short time

More and more people are looking for short-term, temporary or simply casual employment because of their lifestyle, health conditions or simply prefer a looser approach to work. In this case, it usually comes to mind to hand out leaflets, work in catering, hospitality, agriculture and production.

It turns out that not only. In practically every industry you can take up employment “for short”. This is especially attractive for young people or those who want to change their clothes and try their hand at another position without any commitment.

Temporary versus casual/seasonal/weekend work

Temporary agency work is a form of employment involving three entities – employer, employee and private employment agency. It is very often performed on the same days and hours even for a year. Casual and weekend work in turn are usually single orders. It is characterized by a lack of regularity and the dynamics with which it is necessary to react to the offer.

Unpacking of goods, inventories, animations, childcare at the weekend, event management – these are standard examples. Seasonal work is most often undertaken in industries such as agriculture, tourism, hospitality or manufacturing, in Poland and abroad. This type of work is most often chosen by young people.

When can an employer hire temporary workers?

First of all, work for one employer cannot exceed 12 months. The employer may use a temporary employment agency in three cases:

  1. tasks which belong to the absent employee
  2. when the tasks entrusted to an agency employee cannot be delegated to other employees of the company
  3. for seasonal, periodic or ad hoc work.

Employers therefore have a wide margin of manoeuvre. For employees, this is convenient because they can develop and not commit themselves to working on a permanent basis. This, in turn, may, after a period of employment by the agency, simply offer him a job, if it works well. So it’s also a great way to show your person and find permanent employment even in large companies, in very different positions – from services and administration to manual work.

Fewer commitments, more benefits

Employee outsourcing may therefore become one of the forms of team recruitment. Temporary employment agencies look for suitable candidates for the employer, they act as an intermediary in all formalities both for employees of Polish origin and for employees from abroad. The employer also bears lower costs, because it is the agency that hires the employee and directs him/her to perform work for the company.

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