Blog 25.05.2020

What does the anti-crisis shield offer entrepreneurs?

The anti-crisis solutions offered by the government by the coronavirus pandemic have really caused considerable emotions. The truth is that the first version of the shield was not well developed, while the subsequent versions are more and more beneficial for businesses. As far as co-financing is concerned, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can mainly apply. Of course, the size of the aid is not strongly dependent on the size of the company.

Aid and funding for entrepreneurs

Support for companies is a huge project of the government, which is being increasingly polished and improved, mainly to preserve jobs and protect small businesses from closure or bankruptcy. It is a one-off payment, a one-time payment, for the company’s downtime, which is caused by the epidemic threat. The “parking” will be available to approximately 2.2 million people who have a company, who are on a self-employment contract or who work under civil law contracts. It is important that in order to obtain the “parking”, the company must demonstrate 15% less than in the previous month. A person must also have a registered business before 1 February 2020.

What is the parking benefit?

It is a loan for micro-entrepreneurs, which enables covering the current costs of running a business. The loan is granted up to a maximum of PLN 5 thousand. The loan is paid out no later than 7 days after signing the agreement. The time to repay the loan is 12 months. The loan may be remitted only if the entrepreneur does not lay off any employee from his company for 3 months. The loan is granted mainly in case of a decrease in profit during quarantine. The amount of the loan is closely related to the drop in turnover. If the fall in turnover is documented, a subsidy of at least 30 % of the minimum wage per month is granted. If there is a decrease of at least 50 %, a subsidy of 70 % of the minimum wage per month is granted. If the decrease is at least 80%, the subsidy is granted at 90% of the minimum wage.

In order to receive a parking benefit, it is necessary, first of all, to submit a relevant business benefit. The support is granted for a maximum of 3 months. However, by filling in a relevant letter, the Council of Ministers may extend this period so that entrepreneurs may receive aid for more than 3 months.

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