Blog 13.07.2020

What challenges are currently faced by outsourcing agencies and companies?

Frozen border with Ukraine

The frostbite of the economy has restored some normality in the lives of most Polish entrepreneurs. Companies connected with the eastern market still have a problem, because their strict regulations are still in force and the virus does not give up. This is one of the reasons why it is not so easy to get new employees from Ukraine now.

Sudden increase of the disease in Ukraine

The most worrying is the increase in the incidence of covid-19 in Ukraine. Although a number of restrictions were introduced here at an early stage of the pandemic, as in Poland, June proved to be dramatic for our eastern neighbours. There are already over 40,000 people infected with the coronavirus, and the daily increase in new cases exceeds 1,000. The reason for this situation is the failure to comply with preventive measures, such as social distance or wearing masks in public spaces, but recently more tests have also been performed than before. It is hardly surprising that in this situation, not only are restrictions on the Polish side necessary for those coming from the east, but also the fears of the Ukrainians themselves about leaving at this difficult and uncertain time seem natural.

Mandatory quarantine

Although the borders have been opened to workers, they are only within the EU and EEA. We are divided by an external border with Ukraine, which means that we have to have a 14-day quarantine for all those who come to Poland from this direction. Already at the border they have to give the address where they will be staying or a collective quarantine facility. Unfortunately, for Ukrainians it is long enough to do nothing and thus not earn money. Going to work is often questioned, and employees from Ukraine are not so eager to choose our country as a workplace.

The problem with obtaining new employees from Ukraine

The quarantine obligation applies to persons crossing the eastern borders, but not all. The exceptions include, among others, persons holding the Card of the Pole, foreigners who have the right of permanent or temporary residence on the territory of the Republic of Poland, as well as those who have the right to work on the territory of the Republic of Poland. While it is difficult to get  krainians to work on their own, it will be much easier in this situation to use the assistance of an agency dealing with outsourcing of employees.

Outsourcing of employees from Ukraine

Employers still find it easier to outsource employees from the East than to hire them on their own, but this does not mean that it is as easy to get new employees for the agency as it was a few months ago. At present we observe quite an intensive deficit of employees from Ukraine not only because of the procedures related to the pandemic, but also because of a difficult epidemic situation in the country and a significant increase in the number of cases. Outsourcing companies are doing what they can to continue to allow Polish employers to hire employees from Ukraine, but in the current situation it is a very difficult task. We are also not sure whether the decision to close the eastern border due to the epidemic will not be taken soon. If you are looking for workers from Ukraine write a question to find out more about current possibilities of cooperation.

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