Blog 12.06.2020

The impact of quarantine on the labour market

We are slowly getting used to the changes brought about by the quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic. It is probably already obvious to everyone that the labour market is changing in many areas, bringing not only redundancies but also changes in the structure of employment.

Changing habits

The everyday life of Poles has changed beyond recognition and it is these mundane behaviours that are one of the significant changes in the employment structure. Surprising? It is enough to realize that in almost one moment the vast majority of people started shopping online. On the one hand, shopping malls, restaurants and service points have been closed for a long time, and on the other hand, going to the shop even for daily shopping is associated with the risk of infection. The Internet quickly responded to the social need and, in addition to the already existing online shops, new opportunities for remote shopping were created.

Soap and jam for doors

Online shopping for some companies meant to be or not to be. Most restaurateurs would not have survived the economic freeze if it wasn’t for the take-away meals. Quarantined people started to be able to do even basic groceries with home delivery. Large clothing chains had to encourage the use of online shops because the stationary ones were closed. Most allow free returns and preferential delivery conditions. Auction and advertising services for online shopping are also booming. And now the quintessence: while some lose their jobs, others get them. All those orders that cover a whole cross-section of products and industries have to be handled by someone!

Suppliers and warehousemen at a price

Mail order sales are followed by the need for more or less extensive delivery logistics. This means nothing more than new jobs: suppliers, couriers, warehousemen and order pickers and packers. That’s why companies that want to expand their online sales opportunities will need their hands to work even in times of economic crisis.

New employees in a changing economic climate

Recent months have shown that in a short time there may be an urgent need to change the company’s strategy, forced by the global situation. Are employers now developing their supply departments confident that the demand for mail order sales will be constant? So will they now hire new employees without fear? After all, every new job is not only a cost, but also a number of duties.

It is precisely in such uncertain times that a particularly safe idea is to outsource employees for unskilled work, such as warehouse and packing process maintenance. Why? Because the flexible terms and conditions of cooperation that you can negotiate will be a kind of security for you in case of further unforeseen economic changes. You will get rid of paperwork and a lot of duties related to the creation of new jobs. If you are not yet familiar with this form of employee acquisition, you must ask for an offer for your company. You will see how surprisingly much you can gain!

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