Blog 10.07.2020

Outsourcing company – what is it and how to choose the right one?

The number of companies that look for people who will perform certain tasks in the company more efficiently and cheaply than employees without being employed is growing every day. More and more young companies also decide to outsource their services. It seems that the traditional model of employment is definitely changing to a more flexible, tailored to the needs rather than rigidly set standards and outdated, unprofitable standards.

Outsourcing – is it something for my company?

At the heart of the phenomenon of outsourcing is the need to create loose, noncommittal jobs so that you can, first of all, have the tasks well done, and secondly, reduce the costs and time needed to complete them. Hiring a new employee and implementing him/her in procedures, company culture and training does not make sense if we can do it cheaper and better. We should hire people to perform certain tasks who have excellent competencies only in a given, narrow field and offer high quality services.

This is what outsourcing is all about. An outsourcing company performs the commissioned work without being directly employed by our company. Thus, the costs of employment, vacations, l4 and problems with providing appropriate working conditions, equipment and many other uncomfortable issues that we have to face when hiring a new team member are gone. We save a lot and at the same time the costs of the work done can be accounted for as external costs.

What kind of work is worth commissioning outside the company?

First of all, it is worth to outsource to an outsourcing company the work that we are not able to do on our own with our current resources. If all the calculations show that it is better to hire someone more competent to do them and you are considering recruitment – it is worth to stop and think about whether it would not be more beneficial to hire an outsourcing company and instead of looking for people to join the team, do not focus on the main objectives of the company, simply outsourcing the work.

How to choose the right company for outsourcing?

There are two ways to do this. Both are effective, one of them more diligent. This is where we will start. First of all, look for people among your friends who can recommend you companies that outsource their services. It is also worth doing research and looking for companies and freelancers who do the work you care about, look for opinions, e.g. on google or social media, as well as on portals such as Business Finder, Money, or CCI.

The second way is to hire an outsourcing agency which has a ready base of cooperating freelancers or will look for them for you and is simply an intermediary between people who offer their services and companies who need them. The whole burden of recruitment, employment, salary payment, the issue of ensuring proper research and others, which until now were on the employer’s side, is on the agency’s side.

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