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Leasing of employees from Ukraine – what is it and how does it work?

Leasing of employees from Ukraine is a quick way to obtain human resources without the need to conduct recruitment and deal with formalities related to legalization of stay and work. What exactly is it about and what benefits does it bring? We invite you to read

What is employee leasing?

Leasing of employees from Ukraine allows you to build a solid staff, while reducing costs associated with the hiring process. Deciding to lease an employee will not incur costs related to, among others, personnel and payroll service and health and safety training. And the advantages of such a solution do not end there. There are many positive aspects when it comes to leasing of employees from Ukraine. We need to know that the recruitment of employees from Ukraine is a cost-effective solution, which is decided on by more and more Polish entrepreneurs. There is nothing strange about it, because in the era of free labor market, our eastern neighbors have become known as reliable partners who can provide skilled hands to work.  Generally speaking, employee leasing is the hiring of employees by entities that need a workforce. Let us remember that the employer in such a case is not a production plant or any other company, but a recruitment agency. At the very end, on the basis of a contract with the company – colloquially speaking, it “leases” employees to perform specific duties.

What are the advantages of hiring workers from Ukraine

Leasing of employees from Ukraine contributes to the improvement of work quality. The company is interested in cooperation and receives employees with exactly the same qualifications as it dreamed of. First of all, the employer does not waste time on independent recruitment. In such a case the employer also does not bear the consequences associated with the granting of vacations or illness of employees. The company offering leasing of employees from Ukraine provides support at every stage of cooperation. Thus, our clients have the opportunity to get acquainted with the functioning of the leasing and to convince themselves to it.

It is interesting that a company that lends employees from a leasing agency does not experience any personnel or administrative burden. Additionally, an employee receives remuneration only for such work as he will do. The agency is not responsible for Zus rates and advances on income tax. It is also worth knowing that the employee is fully covered by insurance in such agency. They are also more willing to undertake legal employment than to work on the black market, which does not guarantee medical care.

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