Blog 22.06.2020

How to ensure permanent staffing on physical positions

The rotation of manual workers is getting you sleepy? The company has to function, orders have to be fulfilled and another employee does not come to work? How to deal with the continuity of work if there are no hands? Fortunately, there is one proven solution.

New situation on the labour market

We wrote about changes in the labour market in one of the last entries. We expect the employers’ market to come, which should theoretically also influence the employees’ approach to work. Probably every company that employs workers in production plants or warehouses has noticed in recent times more and more difficulties in maintaining continuity of work. Why? Many people do not take unskilled jobs seriously and do not care about their employment history. Almost on a daily basis, job abandonment occurs, which is a real problem not only for the HR department, which again has to start with the next recruitment process. However, the most burdensome thing is the lack of an employee in his or her position, because it translates into continuity of production or realization of the assumed plan of tasks, and this usually means nothing else but financial losses.

Employees from the East

Gaps in demand for solid manual workers in recent years have been filled by workers from Ukraine, who are considered to be very solid and hardworking. Employees from abroad proved to be the antidote to maintaining the continuity of the company’s work, while countrymen were less and less likely to look for physical work. Although the closure of the borders temporarily limited the inflow of foreigners to work, we can assume that after the end of the pandemic the Ukrainians will still be willing to take up work in Poland.

Recruitment for a solid worker

There are changes going on, but it is impossible to wait until the crisis makes work a value that is not abandoned overnight. Everything around us is changing beyond recognition and there are many indications that we have many years of economic difficulties ahead of us. Now it is particularly important to carry out successful recruitment processes, because each subsequent recruitment for the same position is an unnecessary cost. On the other hand – how to hire for long periods of time in uncertain times, when during an epidemic everything seems to be like a house of cards?

The golden mean

There is a way to stabilise employment in individual positions, while not risking long employment contracts. What’s more, it’s a solution that will help you manage the unwanted costs of failed recruits and losses due to a sudden lack of hands. This golden mean is employee outsourcing. Thanks to it, you will be able to secure a permanent job position, as it is us who are worried about providing a new employee if the need arises.

If you do not know such a model of employment yet, ask about the offer for your company. You will see how much you will gain from outsourcing – not only financially! We will take the recruitment processes, dealing with the formalities related to employment out of your mind, and above all, you will finally find a sense of security.

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