Blog 23.07.2020

Hiring workers from Asia (Philippines) – how to recruit through an employment agency?

More and more people from East Asia come to Poland for work, why is this happening? Employees from Nepal, Bangladesh or other Asian countries have been very popular on the Polish labor market recently. The influx of workers from Ukraine is insufficient, all the more so because many workers from the eastern border do not want to do every job. That is why more and more employees are starting to change their jobs. A chance to get out of this situation is to hire workers from the Philippines, Bangladesh and other Asian countries.

How is the recruitment of workers from Asia going?

In a solution based on process outsourcing, the most important element is permanent staff. First of all, it has very low employee turnover. Polish entrepreneurs, more and more often, are interested in employees from the Far East. First of all, hiring employees from the Philippines has become very popular. Filipinos are an excellent way to support the development of Polish companies. Employees from Asia are highly appreciated from every angle. They are educated, have a professional hand and are able to work for less money, which for a Filipino in his place of residence is really big.

It is worth remembering that in the case of hiring employees from the Philippines, Bangladesh and other Asian countries there is no simplified procedure as in the case of hiring e.g. employees from Ukraine. It is a bit harder. Every time we want to hire an employee from Asia, it is necessary to obtain a work permit in the regional office. Then it is also very important to send the work permit to a foreigner. And then book an appointment with the Polish consulate in order to apply for a visa. The same applies to insurance for the time of travel or stay in Poland. The offer of work conditions is not as simple as it seems.

Employees from Asia – what requirements on the part of the employer?

First of all, they must meet all standards. The best way is to have at least one year, and preferably two years. Employees from Asia must be provided with accommodation for employees. Additionally, health insurance for the work they do. Importantly, the coordinator’s care for the employees.

Asian workers are perfectly prepared for physical work, and are also characterized by their commitment to their work. Certainly, their employment contributes to stabilization in companies, especially those of production and processing nature – continuous. This is especially useful in these times when more and more Poles go abroad, especially doctors or professionals.

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