Blog 07.07.2020

Employee urgently sought after – and (with) MIG!

The fact that Poland lacks professional hands to work is not known from today. Specialists in various fields constitute a serious deficit among the sought-after employees. One such profession is the MIG/MAG welder.

A job in hand

We have recently written about electricians as a profession that cannot be practiced by random people. The same applies to MIG/MAG welders. The uninitiated could find a connection with the legendary MIG-21 fighter, while MIG/MAG is one of the welding techniques that requires a proper theoretical preparation. In short, it is one of the professions that cannot be performed by a private worker by chance. Again, the appropriate authority is being bowed down. The MIG/MAG welding method is increasingly used in industry, which is why employers have a strong interest in employing people with qualifications in this field. MIG/MAG welding involves the use of an electric arc, protected by a shielding gas (inert gas in MIG 131 and active gas in MAG 135 respectively). You need to know how to do it properly and safely.

Welding authorization

This is another profession, which can only be performed by people with the appropriate – and importantly – current qualifications. These can be obtained during the training course which ends with a welder’s exam. The certificate from this exam together with the welder’s book are the basic documents that everyone who is practicing this profession must have. Moreover, the certificate (as is the case with electricians) is not issued indefinitely and must be renewed every two years. The employee must then pass the welder’s exam again.

Temporary welding

Some people assume that if an employee performs physical welding tasks from time to time, then he does not need to have valid authority. This reasoning must be strongly denied. It is not only about the precision of the welds, but above all about safety. The work of a welder is particularly dangerous, not only for the employee carrying out the welding work himself, but also for his environment. It is a profession that generates a real fire hazard and must be carried out in conditions that scrupulously meet all health and safety standards.

Get rid of the shortage of workers

Admittedly, the crisis, which some companies have already experienced, should be conducive to employers looking for new employees. However, so far, there have been no significant changes in the availability of specialist professions and it is still not easy to hire a competent professional. That is why it is worthwhile to use a beneficial tool for companies which is employee outsourcing. Thanks to this, it is easy to ensure continuity of work on particular positions, and at the same time to take over a whole range of duties related to the recruitment procedure and hiring a new employee. Each company has different needs, so we recommend asking for an individual offer so that MIG/MAG welders and other employees to acquire highly qualified employees by means of outsourcing cooperation.

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