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Employee outsourcing and social security contributions

Hiring an employee on the basis of a contract of employment involves a lot of formalities, a lot of work and additional costs. This does not encourage employers to use this solution, therefore, more and more companies go for a completely different form of cooperation and employee outsourcing is very popular. Not sure why? Be sure to read this article.

Changing roles

If you haven’t worked with an outsourcing agency yet, it’s time to find out the benefits of gaining good employees this way. The key advantage of this kind of cooperation is, in a way, transfer of the employer’s duties from the entrepreneur to the agency, because it is the agency that actually hires new employees for your company. The agreement therefore actually applies to three parties: the entrepreneur, the agency and the employee. The result is that you acquire an employee without having to worry about long and expensive recruitment or hiring processes, because all formal issues are responsibility of the actual employer, which is not your company in this arrangement.

No more social security contributions

The outsourcing agency is subject to the obligations imposed by law on employers, i.e.: medical examinations, initial training in health and safety at work, preparation of the contract, notification to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and payment of contributions. Sounds good? But that’s not all! If you decide to outsource staff, you can also acquire employees from Ukraine or Asia – also without having to worry about recruitment, contract or ZUS. In practice, you get an employee according to established criteria, who has the experience and skills you need, and all the rest is handled by the agency.

Security of employment

Employee outsourcing is not only about getting rid of formalities and contact with ZUS. It is also certainty that the position will be filled, because if a candidate does not meet your expectations or resigns, the agency is obliged to provide you with another person for that position as soon as possible. Of course, all related issues are described in the agreement, so you can continue to plan and develop your company with a peace of mind, without having to worry about an unexpected understaffing.

Flexible terms of cooperation

You already know what cooperation with an outsourcing agency looks like. But importantly, a good agency knows that every company is different and has different needs. That’s why before you sign a contract, it is worth talking to an advisor and determining what your expectations and priorities are so that the conditions of cooperation are really beneficial to you. Remember that outsourcing is also a safe solution in times of crisis and pandemic, when the surrounding reality is changing so dynamically. By opting for this convenient form of employee acquisition, you can be sure that you will not be left with a million obligations as the employer. At a time when different market sectors cannot work normally due to government restrictions, such a safety buffer is simply the most sensible solution.

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