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Electricity is not touching? How important are the competences

The proverb about the electrician is only seemingly funny. Its genesis assumes that an electrician is a person educated in this direction, who always knows what he is doing, and all cables, contacts and electrical appliances are not dangerous for him just because of this knowledge. Is it still the case that every electrician does not touch electricity?

Drop in expertise

To do the job of an electrician, a minimum course in this field, a vocational school graduation or preferably an electrical technical school is theoretically sufficient. This profession can be acquired quite quickly on training, but you also need to be aware of the huge responsibility that lies with every electrician. To do this job you need a thorough technical knowledge of electrical engineering, the lack of which can mean nothing but loss of life and health. This seemingly trivial profession can only be carried out by people with the appropriate qualifications and reliable knowledge. In recent years it is not at all easy to get valuable employees for this position. Young people with internships often have unrelenting knowledge and make a lot of mistakes.

Electrical qualifications

When looking for electricians, it is also important to pay attention to the appropriate authority, which also applies to individual areas of work. To simplify matters, it is not necessary for an electrician to have all the qualifications in every job. The most

important are the E type approvals for operating electrical equipment (E1 to 1kV or more depending on the work performed), D type approvals for persons supervising the work of electricians (D1 to 1kV or more) and G type approvals, combining the scope of E and D type approvals (G1 to 1 kV or more). Energy training should be renewed once every 5 years.

In addition to the expertise and the appropriate qualifications, every electrician must have knowledge of health and safety and first aid so that, in the event of an electrical accident or electric shock to others, he can not only control the source of danger but also provide rescue to the injured party in an accident.

Difficulties in obtaining electricians

Recruitment of electricians is not easy, not only because few people have an education in this field. Hiring an inexperienced person can bring with it further costs, due to the necessary additional supervision of his work, but also potential errors that can cause further failures and damage to machines, not to mention the danger to other workers. Unfortunately, the documents alone do not always guarantee reliable knowledge of the candidate.

Recruitment of electricians without risk

Outsourcing of workers concerns not only unskilled workers, but also highly qualified people and professionals in such professions as electricians. Thanks to this, employers can forget about long, inefficient and expensive recruitments, and at the same time ensure the stability of work in particular positions and the appropriate competences of the employees employed. What is more, let’s not forget about simple cooperation procedures, thanks to which an entrepreneur no longer has to deal with tasks related to personnel formalities. The advantage of employee outsourcing is therefore many.

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