Blog 21.05.2020

Remote recruitment of staff

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, there is no shortage of companies that are still growing rapidly and looking for new employees. Both entrepreneurs and candidates face the challenge of remote recruitment. We suggest what steps should be taken to make the process professional, and each of the parties will appreciate the factual conversation.

In the era of computerization

Some elements of remote employee recruitment have long been known. Employers very often post offers on the Internet, while candidates are happy to send their CVs electronically. However, the pandemic situation requires entrepreneurs to significantly broaden the scope of online recruitment, as health care is a top priority. Fortunately, there are many modern solutions that will allow for an online meeting. In this way, the recruiter will be able to assess the qualifications of the candidate and answer all the questions.

High-ranking meeting

The perfect organization of the recruitment meeting will emphasize the professionalism of the company and allow to choose the best candidate for a given position. That is why it is worth to use the tools thanks to which online recruitment will bring benefits that can be obtained during interviews conducted so far in the office.

First of all, the candidates should be informed as soon as possible that the recruitment will take place remotely. The message should contain the proposed date and time, as well as details of the participants. In the further part of the e-mail correspondence, it is worth to indicate the software that will allow to conduct the interview. There are many possibilities, although Skype and Google Meet are still popular. The candidate will surely appreciate the contact instructions and a few practical tips concerning the camera, microphone or preferred Internet connection speed.

On the surface, an online meeting may seem less official. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Remember that you are participating in a conversation, for which you need to prepare yourself properly and make the necessary notes. An extremely important issue is an appropriate place where both the recruiter and the candidate will be able to stay away from outsiders and elements of the environment that could adversely affect their comfort. It will also be good practice to maintain an elegant dress code which will emphasize the serious attitude towards the interlocutor.

Not only for difficult times

Recruitment online has many advantages and should not be treated as a sad duty.
It is an excellent solution for candidates who live many kilometers from the company’s headquarters. If the employer already advertises the remote nature of the meeting, he can expect more applications, which will intensify the chance of inviting a qualified specialist. This form of recruitment is very convenient for both parties, and the content of the interview does not differ in any way from what we can do in the office. Thanks to this, the employer will obtain satisfactory results.

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