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How to hire employees from Ukraine to be profitable?

Recruitment processes spin all the time, like a dog chasing his own tail? Interviews with candidates do not bring the expected results, and the employees often turn out to be unreliable? Apparently the time has come to take advantage of the employment of employees from Ukraine.

How to hire employees from Ukraine?

If you work in HR department, procedures related to hiring polish employees – for sure you have it at one’s fingertips. Of course you see, that led recruitments does not bring effects, but it seems, that hire employees from abroad is totally torment. Is it right? Not only you have such a worries, but completely justified.

To hire employee from Ukraine you have to take care of formalities, which is definitely longer and more demanding than hiring countryman. You have to know that. You must know that based on current regulations, Ukrainians support work permits, which in absolute traffic an employee can use for 90 days out of 180 days. Then choose a paid statement in the district job center about entrusting work to a foreigner and notification that such a person actually took up work. In practice, options are employment for short periods of time. If you use the service for longer, then you must have a seasonal work permit.

Permission for Ukrainians for seasonal work.

This solution gives you get employee for 9 months a year, but there are trade limits. For such a document may apply persons, who want to take a job in agriculture, gardening and tourism. In this situation you have to apply appropriate, paid request in a district job center. Apart from that you hire such an employee on similar rules, like polish ones. You sign the employment contract (which must be translated) and lead off Social Insurance Institution. You also have to remember that, a little bit different will be look procedures routine. You have to bear in mind a fact, whether an employee gets to Poland, or he already is here.

Non-seasonal work for Ukrainians

What if your company work in different sectors than agriculture, gardening or tourism? You can apply payable statement in district job center as non-seasonal grant for foreigners. Such a document you may get for 6 months a year. Another step is to inform district job center about taking job by your Ukrainian employee, you sign an agreement (translated) and grant Social Insurance Institution dues. 

Work permit for Ukrainians

So many formalities, and you have your employee only for few months? That’s right. However, you can apply for a work permit, national visa or temporary residence permit. This is associated with subsequent procedures, but it should also be noted that more and more Ukrainians are applying for such documents. Are you still scared by the specter of official bustle and additional formalities? Fortunately, there is one more way out.

Employees from Ukraine without lengthy official procedures

You may get reliable employees without down time in workspace, without additional long procedures and formalities, for even longer terms than few months. Just make cooperation with company, which deals with outsourcing. At the time this company deals with all permissions, statements, conclusions, agreements and Social Insurance Institution’s issues. You do not believe? Check it! You will get elastic cooperation and not you have to worry about paperwork and changing employees for the other ones, if it is necessary. Ask for the offer and check what is profitable.

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