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How to deal with walk away employees?

Do you know someone who worked his whole life in one company? Unless we lead our own business, this phenomenon of working for one employer for several dozen years later seems unbelievable. Today’s market became particularly dynamic. Many people change their work not every few years, but for every few weeks. It means a dramatical situation for many companies, which still recruit people in the same sector.

Job burnout

Job burnout syndrome is not weird for anybody but sometimes it seems to be a reason to find new job. Other reason of building long list of employers is urge to professional development and to work one’s way up. Surely it is more difficult to keep up the ambitious employee, for who we cannot offer promotion. It is worth to invest in such a person and rewarded them by
non-wages courses and conferences.

Totally different group represent people, who do not exhibit ambition in professional development, or they do not have predisposition. Not everyone must feel need to improve, and it does not mean, that such a person would not be most reliable employee. There the motivation will be amount of salary, and often possibility of overtime work, which gives such an employee real impact on final salary.

To be all fingers and thumbs.

It is difficult to discuss about  attemption to keep up employees, who seem like they were in workplace as punishment. They will be ones, who do not established, but they prefer to be a masters of issues. It not only cause that they run away from the company, but also they will be rise up the rest of team, which usually does not mean anything good for employer. It is worth to wonder how to do a recruitment processes, to do not hire such a persons. Is it possible to predict that? Unfortunately during trial period we see their involvement into given work, or completely the other way around – disrespectful to work. 

Choose those, who cares

Some tips may give you length of CV, and also opinion of previous employers. It is worth to call to other companies, which have been entered into candidate’s CV. Of course recruiter cannot ask inappropriate questions, but he can… check the Internet. In technological and social media life you can easily get information about your future employee, for example browsing his Facebook. 

Banker to your company

That’s right. You can investigate your candidate, but also choose wrong as a result. You will lose your time, energy and money because of long recruitment process, and also all arrangements related to hiring process, that Labor code obligated you. Isn’t it better to commission that to the specialists using outsourcing? You will get peace of mind and employee, who will be “overexposed” by professionalists. What is more, you will get a profit, because you won’t have to pay for announcement and ineffective applications. In this case many positions is worth to consider to hire employees from Ukraine, who are thought as hard-working and reliable employees. Many companies found out, that they are truly motivated for work. The most important outsourcing’s advantage is that, if employee does not meet expectations, looking for a new one no longer rests on your shoulders.

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